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Tickets for Radiohead - Prague, August 23

14.4.2009 Tickets for Radiohead - Prague, August 23

One of the most famous world bands is coming to play in the Czech Republic!!! On August 23rd, the Prague fairgrounds in Holešovice will see an open-air concert of Radiohead.

There are three types of tickets on sale, the types are based on the distance from the stage: category 1 is the closest to the stage, category 3 the furthest. However, even the category 3 tickets are tickets for an extraordinary event – the distance of category 3 area from the stage will be 60 metres maximum! The very stage will be 20 metres high and 40 metres wide. For further information and orientation, see the plan below.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased via these networks:

The map of Prague with the site of the concert for download here.